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De Beauvoir Deli

De Beauvoir Deli labelsDe Beauvoir Deli labelsDe Beauvoir Deli labels

Metallic blue hot foil for The De Beauvoir Deli Co. olive oil labels.

Quite a tricky print due to the large patterned print area and delicate typography. But we persevered and after testing various metallic blues we found this striking metallic shade. Printed on a beautiful quality label stock and kiss cut to shape before hand applying to the bottles.

Graphic design by United Creatives.

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Dodd’s Gin Fortnum’s Edition

Dodd's Gin Fortnum's Edition

Detail of the finished labels

Checking ink during printingPrinting the second ink colourChecking registration through a loupeAdding the hot foilDetail of the labelKiss cutting the labels

The London Distillery Company have collaborated with Fortnum & Mason to create a new limited edition Dodd’s Gin. Botanical inspiration for the gin comes from Fortnum & Mason’s rooftop bees and is carried through to the colour schemes and golden hot foil.

The labels are designed by United Creatives and are a reworking of their label for the original Dodd’s Gin bottles. The labels were letterpress printed in three colours on our Heidelberg platens followed with a metallic hotfoil. They were then kiss cut to allow them to be easily peeled off, hand numbered and applied the bottles. Printing such an intricate design with no trapping takes great care and attention to detail at each stage of the production.

The gin is available to purchase online from Fortnum & Mason but be quick as only 300 bottles have been produced!



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Dodd’s Gin Bottle Labels

Dodds gin letterpress labels

Dodd's gin letterpress label

Dodd's gin letterpress label


Bottles and distillery

Die cutting and printed stacks

Printing the labels

The London Distillery Company have launched Dodd’s gin, crafted at their new distillery in Battersea, London. They worked with United Creatives to create branding and design the bottle labels. The gin is distilled in ‘Christina’, a traditional copper alembic. The gin is then hand-bottled before the labels are numbered and applied to the bottles. So opting for letterpress labels continues the hand crafted theme.

The labels are printed three colours on our Heidelberg platens then ‘kiss-cut’ to shape making them easy to peel off and apply to the bottles.

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