Debbie is passionate about paper, really passionate. With her background in the paper industry she knows a thing or two about paper. We got a call from Debbie while she was over in New York for the Stationery Show, “Can you print my business cards for when I return in a couple of days for PG Live in London?” How could we resist! The paper was chosen, the type set and colours picked in no time and the next day it was on the press.

The cards are printed with coral ink and finished off with matching edge colour. There was only one paper choice for a paper passionist – the awesome 600gsm Cranes Lettra Flourescent White.

3 thoughts on “Paper Passionist

  1. Hi,

    I really like this card and the pink colour is fabulous! This is exactly what the beautiful art of letterpress is all about – beautiful in it’s simplicity. Any chance you can advise what the pantone of the pink is?

    Many thanks

  2. good morning

    Hello my name is Rodrigo Silva I´m from Portugal and I´m a photographer too I saw your work and I loved it, the cards are really good, do you work only to UK or you can send worldwide?

    thank you

    Rodrigo Silva

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