We acquired this fab little book to add to our collection of letterpress ephemera, “The Book of the Machines” by Cellarus. The book was letterpress printed at the Quatro Press, Middlesex on an AutoVic power platen (No. 25587) in an edition of 250 copies. The text is set in Monotype Series 617 10/12pt.

After the initial buzz it created in the print room the high quality laid paper caught our eye. We noticed a watermark and as soon as we held it up to the light we couldn’t believe our eyes. In the make up of the paper is a crown and underneath reads “Abbey Mill Greenfield”. The paper was made on the actual spot we are standing!

1 thought on “Paper Comes Home

  1. Oh my goodness, what are the chances of that? It just goes to show that you are not only doing exactly the right thing, but you are apparently doing it in exactly the right place. Who’d a thought it?! X

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