We thought these business cards deserved an airing. We printed them for our good friend and collaborator, typographer Jim Williams. Jim has been working with blush°° since the start, creating our logo and designing our stationery. He has designed many of our greeting cards including our “Quotes” range and is currently working on 6 new quotes to add to the range.

Jim asked us to print his business cards in black and red ink, letterpress printed onto 100% cotton paper. Jim’s attention to detail is legendary. He carefully and considerately chooses the right typeface for each job and manually kerning characters by the smallest amounts. Who would ever notice…? Well, we and others do notice and that’s why we like working with Jim.

Jim is a fount(ain) of knowledge when it comes to typography and this is put to good use when he teaches at Staffordshire University. This has led on to Jim creating his booklet, Type Matters! A few simple tips on how to keep your typography in good order.

Type Matters! by Jim Williams

Type Matters! covers the basics of typography and typesetting, touching on how some typographic terminology comes straight out of the letterpress print room. A more comprehensive and detailed book is a must!

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