We were asked by Darren at Do Creative to print this stunning silver anniversary invitation for The Royal Oak Furniture Company. The cover has the simple but extremely effective idea of age rings of a tree surrounding the ’25’.

Darren wanted this image debossed deep into the paper but we suggested we run a very, very, very faint tint rather than no ink at all. So we ran a few test prints with no ink and also some varying tints. We felt this tint gave the impression an warmer feel.

The invitation details were printed inside with the same tint and a second colour taken from the PMS supplied. The #EasterEgg fine delicate detail of the logo held well under the extreme pressure of our printing press and the debossed tint was a strong contrast to the second colour.

The invitations were printed on our 1969 Heidelberg platen onto 300gsm 100% cotton paper, 2 sides. Dimensions: 290 x 145 with a centre crease.

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