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Bauer Bodoni Letterpress Print

Bauer Bodoni Letterpress PrintBauer Bodoni Letterpress PrintBauer Bodoni Letterpress PrintBauer Bodoni Letterpress PrintBauer Bodoni Letterpress PrintBauer Bodoni Letterpress PrintBauer Bodoni Letterpress Print The third in the Assorted Types series is hot off the press and available to purchase from our online store!

Assorted Types ~ Centaur

Assorted Types CentaurAssorted Types CentaurAssorted Types Centaur letterpress posterAssorted Types Centaur letterpress poster

The first in the ‘Assorted Types’ series of letterpress prints showcasing classic typefaces. Designed by Jim Williams, an award winning typographer & graphic designer who has a lifelong passion for the craft of typography and letterforms. He also has a keen interest and understanding of letterpress and teaches typography at Staffordshire University. Jim’s knowledge of typography and attention to detail is second to none. Constantly ‘tweaking’ his work until it is just perfect, kerning here, letterspacing there, a real perfectionist.

The prints have been lovingly printed to perfection on our vintage Heidelberg cylinder press onto 300gsm Somerset Velvet 100% cotton paper.

Limited to 100 prints and individually numbered and are available to purchase from our online store.

Follow Assorted Types on Twitter for updates, special offers and exclusive previews during the production of the next prints.

Jim holding the print

Jim inspecting the plate before printingThe type bed in action
Jim comparing ink density

Jim checking ink density
Inked plateDelivery of the printsJim numbering the printsDetail of the print

Candykiller ‘Beast’ Letterpress Print

Candykiller Beast letterpress printCandykiller Beast letterpress printCandykiller Beast letterpress printCandykiller Beast letterpress printCandykiller Beast letterpress print

Candykiller Beast letterpress print

We were thrilled when Candykiller aka Brian Taylor called on Blush to produce his latest ‘Beast’ print. We have worked with Candykiller before, printing the 5th Anniversary limited edition prints. Candykiller’s illustrations print beautifully on the press and Brian’s attention to detail and technical ability when it comes to artwork is first class.

Photopolymer plate
We printed the Beast on 300gsm cotton paper on a Heidelberg platen press, tweeting live at each stage of the production, from platemaking to trimming. The first stage of the job was to prepare Brian’s artwork for print. The artwork was supplied digitally and we check the file before creating the separations. Each colour is a separate pass through the press, so once through for the red and through again for the black. This means we would need two plates.

We mix the ink to a Pantone ref supplied by the artist and ink up the press. We decided to add the rider roller to give an even and consistent spread of ink across the image and to prevent ‘ghosting’.

Plate on press
The plate is attached to a base to bring it up to type height (.918″) and locked up in the chase then locked into the press.

Comparing prints
We ink up the press and pull some initial prints to check for registration, ink coverage and impression. We also check the print for any defects in the plate.

Platen printing
Once we are happy with we run the sheets through the press.

Inking up the plate
After the first colour run we wash-up the press and prepare for the second colour. Change plates, ink up for black pass and reload the paper on the press.

Checking prints
We pull some prints and check once again for impression, ink coverage and registration.

Printing the black
Then run the sheets through and print the black plate.

The final prints
The final prints are checked and trimmed on the guillotine before packing.

You can see more production shots on our Flickr pages and follow us on Twitter for news and updates on future live letterpress tweets.

The prints are available to purchase from the Candykiller online store.

Take the Proverbial Letterpress Prints

A4 letterpress printsLetterpress printingLemonsLemonsLetterpress printingLetterpress printingGill McColl of Take the Proverbial came to blush°° to letterpress print these two quotes. The hand drawn typography transferred faithfully from digital artwork to photopolymer plate to tactile letterpress print.

We printed the posters on our Heidelberg KSBA cylinder. The impression strength of the cylinder ensured a consistent and deep print evenly into the cotton paper across the whole print area. The prints were printed on 300gsm Somerset 100% cotton paper. Spot colours were provided for each A4 print.

Gemma Correll Limited Edition Letterpress Prints

Gemma Correll Limited Edition Letterpress PrintGemma Correll Limited Edition Letterpress PrintGemma Correll Limited Edition Letterpress PrintGemma Correll Limited Edition Letterpress Print

Illustrator Gemma Correll came to us to print a limited edition run of her highly detailed ampersand illustration. Letterpress printed on our Heidelberg presses in 2 colours onto 300gsm Somerset 100% cotton paper.

The prints are in a limited edition of 250, signed and numbered and available to purchase directly from Gemma.

Dimensions: A4 (210 x 297mm)

Illustration © Gemma Correll

1966 World Cup Final Letterpress Print

England 4 - Germany 2 Letterpress PosterAbout to run the second colourAbout to run the third colourEngland 4 Germany 2Letterpress poster detailEngland v GermanyTo mark England’s first game in this years World Cup we printed the greatest score in english football history. Hand set antique wood and metal type and printed on our Vandercook proofing press in black, red and blue. The old wood type creates a beautiful deep impression into the soft pure cotton paper.

Dimensions: 375 x 275mm
Somerset Soft White 100% cotton 300gsm

The prints are £15 each with free delivery and are available to buy from our online shop. Only a limited run.

4 Colour Letterpress Birth Announcements

4 colour birth announcements4 colour birth announcements4 colour birth announcements4 colour birth announcementsWe recently printed this birth announcement for a returning customer Denis Cullinane and Cliodhna welcoming Donnchadh into the world. A 4 colour design supplied by Denis, letterpress printed onto Somerset 300gsm, 100% cotton paper.