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White & Grey Duplex Letterpress Wedding Stationery

White & grey Duplex letterpress wedding stationeryLetterpress wedding stationeryWhite & grey Duplex letterpress wedding stationeryLetterpress wedding stationeryLetterpress Order of Service coverContemporary yet very classy this fantastic design by the art director (and the groom) Chris Hannah, looks stunning letterpress printed onto white and dark grey 540gsm Colorplan Duplex.

Careful consideration was given to the type of stock in order to enhance the elegance of this design. The monochromatic palette adds to the elegance of the design and the Order of Service which simply has four of the symbols from the design debossed onto Somerset 300gsm, 100% cotton paper, compliments it beautifully. The invitations were finished with rounded corners.

Hannah & James Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Hannah and James letterpress wedding invitations

Hannah and James letterpress wedding invitations

Hannah and James letterpress wedding invitations

Hannah and James letterpress wedding invitations

More luxurious wedding invitations designed by our clients. Decorative borders hand drawn by Hannah, the bride to be, and digitally put together by James.

James and Hannah showed us a collection of mood boards and inspired design at an early stage and we discussed at length various options for papers, colours, envelopes and styles.

Day and evening wedding invitations letterpress printed onto luxurious 425gsm, 100% cotton paper. 2 colour, brown and pink.
Dimensions: A6 (148 x 105mm)

Elegant Black & White Wedding Invitation

Showing the pattern printed on the back of the invitationsSpreading the prints out to avoid set offOn the press this morning – this single colour letterpress wedding invitation. Elegant script and uppercase serif typography centered on the board to create a beautifully simple invitation. The back of the invitations were printed with a full bleed flock pattern.

Size A5 (148 x 210mm) Printed on Cranes Lettra 600gsm 100% cotton. Designed by our customer.

Indian themed wedding invitation

Indian themed letterpress wedding invitationIndian themed letterpress wedding invitation

Just off the press is this afternoon is this fuchsia and gold letterpress wedding invitation. Our client had a theme in mind for her English & Indian wedding and she had a definite look she wanted to achieve and wanted in include the Ganesh symbol on the front of the invitation.

We discussed ink colours and papers to compliment the theme. Printed on a 300gsm neutral white cotton paper in fuchsia and gold ink.